The art of home building

Founder Charles Nathan's training in Fine Arts and Sculpture is an asset that helps clients with decision making and visualizing the finished product. Born in 1953 in Colombia, Charles always had an eye for design. After he moved with his family to New Jersey in the early 1960's, he grew up playing soccer in school and working part-time jobs. Needless to say, it was driving down the streets of his neighborhood and looking at homes that set the early foundation for a career in construction.

Three story home

Education and early career

After finishing up his master's degree, Charles received the National Endowment for the Arts Grant. He took a year off and traveled the country, lecturing and teaching art workshops. However, despite his artistic leanings, he continued to train in carpentry and began his career working for Bud Shelton Construction. Quickly working up to superintendent, Charles decided to follow his entrepreneurial spirit and open his own business, Nathan Construction, in 1984. 

Living room

The difference is in the details

Charles is involved in every project and it is his experience, attention to detail, and ability to understand the materials and scope of work that filter throughout the company and translates into successful projects. Building some of the finest homes in the Seattle area, Charles has lent his artistic eye to all of his projects for over 25 years, uniquely setting himself apart from other general contractors.

Remodel your home without remodeling your life.

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