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Are You Ready to Build a Custom Home?

Posted by CharlieNathan Builders on November 24, 2017 | Leave a comment

Maybe it’s time to take the plunge.

You career is finally taking off and you have plenty of money in the bank. Life is good.  Maybe you and your partner are ready for kids. But it still feels like something is missing. The house doesn’t feel like it’s “yours.” You don’t hate living there, but you want more.

All of those feelings may mean that it’s time to build a custom home. Building a custom home is a unique experience—with a bit of time and investment, you have something that is truly yours. Something that you helped create! Here are a few signs that it’s time to break ground on a life changing homebuilding project.

You Know What You Do (and Don’t) Want

You’re tired of your old house. Maybe the floors creak or the layout is a pain. Perhaps it just isn’t big enough for the family you’re hoping to build. It’s even possible the basement has a stain that appeared one day, a stain that’s bothered you for years, but nothing can get it out. Years of living in this house have taught you what you don’t want. Building a custom house allows you to remedy that situation as a first-time homeowner.

You’re also sure of what you DO want in a house. After taking a bit of time to think about it, you know what your dream home has to have, down to the letter. You’ve seen other houses in desirable neighborhoods and have some idea of the type of roof you want, how many windows you need, and whether or not you want a finished basement. You also have the budget to match your dreams, and you’ve come up with a feasible way to pay for everything. This isn’t a spur of the moment decision; it’s all been a long time coming.

You’re a Fan of “Firsts”

You want the latest technology, and try to get your hands on the latest models as soon as possible. Nothing can stop you from seeing the big game live. And you would never settle for a used car.

You like to buy things new. Being a first time owner is important to you. You don’t want any old problems popping up to ruin your experience. Remember that basement stain we talked about earlier? Buying a used home is just like buying a used car—eventually problems are going to crop up that were caused by somebody else.

Buying a new home ensures that you won’t have to deal with those types of problems. Purchasing another used home won’t give you the feeling of ownership you crave.

You Can Afford It

In terms of both money and time.  It goes without saying that building a custom home is a huge investment. But you’re ready for it. You’ve been putting money away for years, and you’ve already got a few estimates on how much the latest trends are going to cost. If you have children, they’re old enough to handle the stresses of a big move.

You also have time to build. Maybe you already have an alternative living situation planned out. You could build a temporary house in the backyard while construction is happening on your dream home. Whatever your plan is, you’ve made sure that building a custom home won’t cause too much of a disruption in your normal life.

Have any questions about other features that can increase your home’s value?

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