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Popular Home Selling Points

Posted by CharlieNathan Builders on November 10, 2017 | Leave a comment

Include a few of these features in your custom home and watch your value soar

Planning a custom home design means juggling hundreds of questions at any given time. Whether you’re driving to work, cooking dinner, or putting your kids to bed, some small part of your brain is analyzing the benefits of quartz countertops vs. granite ones, whether mosaic tile would look better in the kitchen or the bathroom, and if a finished basement is a good idea.

But designing a custom home isn’t just about creating your dream home. You also want to make sure that dream house holds its value over time. Here are a few major home selling points that are sure to keep your home popular going into the future.

Hardwood Flooring

You can choose to have carpeted flooring or wood flooring. Both look great, but wood flooring has proven to be a more popular option in homes. Why? Hardwood flooring is not only beautiful, but also lasts a long time. Even if the floor does warp over time, it just becomes more beautiful. Carpeted flooring doesn’t last quite as long and is much more difficult to maintain.

In addition, your choice of carpeting might prove unpopular with future buyers. That could mean losing a sale or having to add the price of ripping out the carpet to the purchase price. So if carpeting isn’t a must have for you, try to go wood instead.

Light-Color Cabinets

Light cabinets make a room look larger because they make the space feel more open. Think of them as open borders for the rest of the room. Dark cabinets constrain the space, and can distract the eye line. People want to feel free and happy while they cook, not like they’re stuck in a dungeon.

Light cabinets are also inoffensive. They match with basically everything, and aren’t a distraction. Colored cabinets, on the other hand, aren’t for everybody. They might fit your unique vision (and if that’s your dream, go for it!), but others may find them undesirable.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves cost more. That’s a simple fact. However, they take up much less energy in the long run. Cheaper is better, so most homebuyers prefer a gas stove. It also helps that gas stoves change to varying heat levels with the turn of a dial. Electric stoves take a bit of time to heat up.

In addition, gas stoves allow you to see the burner. This can be a plus for homes with children, since it can be hard for kids to figure out that an electric stove is actually on.

Have any questions about other features that can increase your home’s value?

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