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Why Building a New Home Can Be Better Than Remodeling an Older Home

Posted by CharlieNathan Builders on May 25, 2017 | Leave a comment

Our tops reasons for starting fresh.

Deciding between building a new home and renovating an existing home is a big and costly decision. Unless you love your old home and its neighborhood or are only remodeling a few rooms in the house, we recommend breaking ground on a completely new project.

Starting from scratch can be cheaper than remodeling an entire existing house because of how much easier the scheduling is. There is a clear-cut set of steps that, once accomplished, will result in a new house. This isn’t the case with a remodel, where unexpected issues can pop up because of the existing structure.

Here are a few other reasons that building a new home is better than fixing up an older home:

Finally Have Your Dream Home

Working with homebuilders to create a home means not having to worry about compromising your vision. Choose the exact number of rooms, a pool with a pool house, and both a front and rear garden if that’s what you want.  Move to a new neighborhood or even a new state—once the old house sells there’s nothing tying you to the old neighborhood. And because the home will be constructed of completely brand new materials, you’ll have less maintenance to worry about.

Turning an existing house into a dream home is much more difficult. Renovating every single room in the house and adding additions is more complicated and expensive than simply building from the ground up. You’re also more likely to spend more than you’ll earn in the updated resale value of the home—basically, this means losing money.

Go Green

Although the construction of a new home may have an upfront negative carbon impact, upgrading to an environmentally sustainable home design more than makes up for it. Have energy-efficient appliances installed and watch your carbon footprint shrink over the years. As an added bonus, these appliances will also increase the value of the home and reduce utility costs.

You Don’t Have to Deal with Loud Construction

Unless you’re knocking down your current home in favor of a custom build, building a new home allows you to continue living in your current home while the new home is being built. No need to live in a hotel or take in noisy homebuilders as roommates.

Remodeling can become particularly stressful due to its uncertain nature. If unexpected difficulties arise, you may have to spend more time living in a half-built house.

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