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Why You Should Live in a Smaller Home

Posted by CharlieNathan Builders on August 24, 2017 | Leave a comment

Bigger not in your budget? Smaller could be better

We’re conditioned to think that bigger is better. Commercials and ads yell at us about five-for-one sales, quadruple mega cheeseburgers, and the latest in big car technology.

Building a custom home isn’t any different. We want the biggest house we can afford. Mansions that leave us in awe. Square footage is always a number one concern.

And there’s not anything wrong with that. Big houses are great for some people, especially those with larger families, or those that can easily afford it. However, others might be more suited to a small house, particularly if purchasing a larger house puts you further into debt. New homeowners, for example, could choose a smaller house so that they can experience all of the stresses being a new homeowner entails before purchasing a large house.

Here are a few reasons you might want to consider a smaller custom home option.

There’s Less of It

Less house means less to clean. Less to maintain. Less to pay. A whole lot of less. If you can’t afford a larger house, or you’re just buying it because you earned a raise and that’s the next step, is it really worth having to clean (or paying someone to clean) the home? If it’s easier and less stressful to have a smaller home, why not go with that option?

Maintenance will be more labor-intensive because of how many more rooms there are. Three bathrooms means three times as many toilets that can clog, more lawn means more grass to cut, etc.

You Pay Less

A smaller home also means paying less, both for the house itself and for later utility costs. If you have a larger home, but aren’t using all of the rooms, you’re still paying to have those rooms heated or cooled. As noted by Than Merrill, previous host of A&E’s Flip This House and CEO of FortuneBuilders, on Trulia, the “electric bill for a 1,000-square-foot home is approximately $200 per month less than the electric bill for a 3,000-square-foot home.” And all of those utilities also make your home less energy efficient.

A smaller house also means a lower up front cost, which in turn means a lower-priced loan. And that means a lower monthly mortgage payment.

Affordable Design Freedom

Although you’re free to embrace your inner artist with a larger home, those decisions will come with a higher tag purely because of the size of the home.

If you have a wacky or wonderful design that will work on a smaller home, go for it! Working on a smaller scale means lower costs.

Have any questions about whether to build your custom home big or small?

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